Under Home Crawl Spaces…Be Aware before you enter

An under-home crawlspace provides the ideal environment for many hazards. If we consider the kinds of conditions that are generally found down there, damp, dark and largely undisturbed, it’s easy to see the need for caution. In fact, as home inspectors this is one area where we take a lot of extra care to be safe. Let’s look at a few of the hazards you might encounter in an under-home crawlspace:

Among the many health hazards found in an under-home crawlspace are mold and fungi. There is also a large possibility of standing water or even sewage. The health risks associated with all these are well known.crawlspace dangers

Animals, rodents and insects are all creatures that can be found in an under-home crawlspace, some of which could be poisonous. If an animal feels threatened in any way, it could turn into a dangerous situation, especially as a rapid retreat will be difficult in such a tight space.
Structural problems with a home could make the underneath crawlspace particularly dangerous. If you are worried there are structural issues with your property, it is best to have a professional assess the area. If, for some important reason, you must enter the crawlspace, however, its crucial that someone knows where you are and will be able to immediately raise the alarm should you find yourself in trouble. Finally, before you even consider entering this kind of space, make sure you have the right protective gear and clothing to ensure you stay as safe as possible.

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