Under Home Crawl Spaces…Be Aware before you enter

An under-home crawlspace provides the ideal environment for many hazards. If we consider the kinds of conditions that are generally found down there, damp, dark and largely undisturbed, it’s easy to see the need for caution. In fact, as home inspectors this is one area where we take a lot of extra care to be safe. Let’s look at a few of the hazards you might encounter in an under-home…

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Top of the line Home Inspections

We provide top of the line home inspections here at Nova Property Inspections, and we do this by putting you first and making sure we meet the highest standards in the industry. As a Certified and Licensed Inspector, I am held to a higher level of service than other inspectors. I have more experience, more training, and more dedication. After your home inspection, I am always available for questions. Because…

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