Well Systems Inspections

water well
Water tapped by a private well is often of the highest quality. When buying a home with a private well, your home inspection should include a well system check up to ensure the well is in good working order and the quality of the water produced meets health standards. Well system inspections in Florida should be considered essential.

Our Well Inspection Includes:
1) Pressure Tank Condition,  tank Air/pressure and volume 
2) Electrical Disconnect 
3) Pressure Gauge  
4) Main Shut-off Valves 
5) Proper “Kick –on” Pressure setting 
6) Proper “Kick –off” Pressure setting 
7) Pump motor electrical draw 
8) Pump performance – output volume  gal/min 
9) General water quality  (Odor, cloudiness Etc.)
10) Well head – Check wiring and potential for well contamination

What a well inspection does not include:

  1.  We DO NOT evaluate the home’s water table to ensure there will be long term supply, provide a warranty or give estimates on life spans of equipment or determine if the physical well location is safe from underground contaminants or other non-visible risks. 
  2. We DO NOT CHEMICALLY TEST the quality of the water unless requested which is highly recommended for well water AND homes built before 1986 regardless of the water source.